CorelDRAW X4 Advanced Training Video

CorelDRAW X4 Advanced Training Video
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This DVD will walk you through the basic design page using step by step instruction so you will be able to achieve the same results. Bitstream Font Navigator program will be used to add and remove fonts providig you the secrets to managing your font library. We will show you how to make CorelDraw function better by setting up your own defaults in CorelDraw including the creation of your own Tool Bars.

Tools covered on this DVD:
Setting Up Page Sizes and using snap lines
Creating two color text
Pick Tool (most used tool in Corel)
Zoom Tool
Artistic Text VS Paragraph Text
Points, Inches, Proper text sizing
Converting text to curves
Bitstream Navigator Program
Outline vs Contour
The Contour tool. (Create cuttable outlines for lettering)
Wire Frame vs. Normal view. (How the cutter sees the image)
The Align tool. (How to center everything and make it look good)
Group and Ungroup
Break Apart and Combine
Vector Image VS Bitmap Image an proper use of each type of image
The Envelope tool (To create shapes for lettering and Text Effects)
Fit Text to Path (placing text on an arc)
Standard Sizes for Garments
Advanced Drop Shadows

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