Creative Element - Freehand

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Creative Element - Freehand
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  • Item #: WDP W6677

Create embroidery the most comfortable way: like you’re drawing Freehand with pen & paper

  • Trace over line drawings or photographs
  • Produce a hand-drawn look to your design
  • Used in conjunction with all stitch types

With a standard stylus pen and drawing tablet, or a mouse, use Freehand to trace over the simplest or the most detailed line drawing or photograph to produce a hand-drawn look to your design. If you want, draw your own designs directly on the screen. The open and closed objects you’ll create with Freehand lets you add effects to your existing designs, or create entirely new ones.
Freehand tools can be used in conjunction with all stitch types (with outline objects you’ll see a stitch simulation as you draw).


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