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Book Digitizing 101
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The essential learning tool for anyone studying embroidery design. Written by Master Designer Thomas L. Moore, Jr., this book teaches up-to-date embroidery design by one of the worlds most highly awarded embroidery designers.

Thomas has taught thousands of designers just like you how to create embroidery designs that stand out, run well and gain the respect of your customers.

Digitizing 101 - The Basics of Digitizing for Embroidery is a textbook that goes beyond the software buttons and teaches the theory of digitizing while allowing the student to learn at their own pace. More importantly, Digitizing 101 is a learning tool you can refer back to frequently, and personalize with your own notes.

This text book is used by many schools to teach digitizing and is used as the basis for the Basic Digitizing Course offered weekly on line at the Embroidery Design School.

Download a free sample from the Underlay chapter by clicking here.

Chapters include

  • Profile
  • Cost
  • Pricing
  • Artwork
  • Fabrics
  • Underlay
  • Lettering
  • Basics
  • Objects
  • Business
  • Glossary
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